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The Full Story: The Persnickety Scrivener, LLC

Welcome to the official website of THE PERSNICKETY SCRIVENER, where long-time writer, blogger, and editor, Debra Braddock, has set up her editorial shop as an independent freelancer and contractor.

Why the "Persnickety Scrivener"?  As a prolific content writer--or scrivener--for over 30 years on multiple complex subjects, Debra wanted an attention-grabbing, whimsical name and logo that captured her keen attention to detail--hence, "persnickety."  The result?


Debra began as a medical writer at the age of 22 years when she learned that she had Hodgkin's lymphoma. This was in the late 1980s--before the Internet was widely available to the public--and she had serious difficulty finding current, comprehensive information on her diagnosis. All she could find was a medical dictionary that pronounced her cancer "uniformly fatal"--but fortunately, she quickly confirmed that the copyright was in the 1960s, and cancer treatment had since come a long way.

But a writer was born. Since that day, Debra writes about medical and health topics to make such information much more understandable, accessible, timely, and actionable for patients, consumers, clinicians, researchers, marketers, and other audiences. Common topics within Debra's portfolio include oncology, cancer survivorship, late effects of cancer treatment, clinical trials, cancer immunotherapy, cardio-oncology, financial toxicity, breast cancer and other cancer types, cancer genomics, and more. She also writes on women's and men's health and wellness, nutrition, cardiovascular disease, public health, neurology, mental health, infectious disease, pharma, and additional topics and often analyzes how critical medical topics are reported in the popular news media.

She also is an SEO content writer, editor, and blogger on multiple additional topics for websites, blogs, and social platforms, with common subjects including marketing, small business, pets and other animals (another huge passion of hers), health information technology, customer service, health literacy, education, safety, politics, and more. If you need content for your business' website, blog, email newsletters, white papers, bots, or more, you can reach Debra, the Persnickety Scrivener, at (203) 733-0879, the Persnickety Scrivener social media channels via DM, or

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